Irwin R. Auman – 1919 – 2008

Irwin R. Auman is the founder of our company and passed away in 2008. His principles of honesty, quality, and customer service are still embraced at Auman today. He will be missed.

The Beginning

I. Auman Machine Company was founded in 1947 by Irwin Auman. Started in his father-in-law´s garage, Irwin reached an employee level of 50 people working around the clock to meet his customers´ needs. Irwin built the business by meeting his customers´ challenges. He developed a keen skill for machining castings, specifically alloy steel castings, such as the ones used on the M60 tank.

To meet all of the requirements on this project, the company set up painting facilities as well as certified welders. For over thirty years, he met the monthly challenges of producing up to 120 sets of louver castings, fully machined and painted. This amounted to as many as 14,000 machined castings per year being shipped to Chrysler´s tank plant. At the same time, he developed his own design of trepan tools that were used in the production of alloy valves and were also used to make gear blanks for helicopter drive trains.