Career Opportunities

I. Auman Machine Company is looking for CNC Machinists to join our growing team!

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Pay Rates

Auman Machine offers some of the highest pay rates in the area!

Vacation Time

Generous paid time off package! Including PTO benefits of up to 92 hours within the 1st year!

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Auman Machine offers a 401k matching contribution program.

Health Insurance

Premium Health Insurance is offered by Auman Machine.

Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is paid in full by Auman Machine for the employee and their dependents.

Dental Insurance

Auman Machine pays the Dental insurance premiums for employees and their dependents.

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Auman Machine Frequently posts ads on Zip Recruiter/Facebook/Linkedin and on our website.

Please continue to check any of those location as we will be updating open positions for 2020.