Turning CNC Equipment

Hankook VTL with Live Tooling, Model: VTC-125
New VTL to compliment our other identical Hankook VTL. This VTL has the same specifications including living tools and a 65″ swing capability. Please refer to our downloadable facilities list to see all specifications. Pictured is a part turned from a solid piece of steel.

Hankook VTL with Live Tooling, Model: VTC125
Installed in April 2008, our first live tool VTL has been a valuable addition to our capabilities. With up to a 65″ swing and live tools, we are able to better accomodate our growing customer base. By Jan of 2012 we will have added another “sister” VTL with the same capabilities to increase our capacity. The foundation for the new machine has already been laid.

Mazak SLANT 50N Turning Center (1992)

Mazatrol M-32 control
18″ three jaw hydraulic chuck with 4.5″ thru hole
32″ swing in chucking mode with 21″x120″ bar turning capacity
14 tool turrett, 8 external and 6 internal
50 horsepower spindle motor
1000 rpm spindle

Mazak Integrex 50Y Turning Center (1997)
Mazatrol M-Plus control
15″ three jaw hydraulic chuck
Max Swing: 27.5″ 
30 tool magazine, 15 turning, 15 live
50 horsepower spindle motor / 15 horsepower milling spindle
60″ betewen center
3000 rpm spindle

400 Y Integrex with Live Tooling – 3 Units
Max. Swing: 24.01
Spindle Motor: 40 HP
Tool Mag. Storage: 40 ATC
Rotary Tool Motor: 20 HP
Y-Axis Stroke: +/- 4.13
X-Axis Stroke: 22.83
Z-Axis Stroke: 43.11