Turning CNC Equipment

Hankook VTL with Live Tooling, Model: VTC-125
VTL to compliment our other identical Hankook VTL. This VTL has the same specifications including living tools and a 65″ swing capability. Please refer to our downloadable facilities list to see all specifications. Pictured is a part turned from a solid piece of steel.

Hankook VTL with Live Tooling, Model: VTC125
Installed in April 2008, our first live tool VTL has been a valuable addition to our capabilities. With up to a 65″ swing and live tools, we are able to better accomodate our growing customer base. 

Mazak SLANT 50N Turning Center (1992)

Mazatrol M-32 control
18″ three jaw hydraulic chuck with 4.5″ thru hole
32″ swing in chucking mode with 21″x120″ bar turning capacity
14 tool turrett, 8 external and 6 internal
50 horsepower spindle motor
1000 rpm spindle

Mazak Integrex 50Y Turning Center (1997)
Mazatrol M-Plus control
15″ three jaw hydraulic chuck
Max Swing: 27.5″ 
30 tool magazine, 15 turning, 15 live
50 horsepower spindle motor / 15 horsepower milling spindle
60″ betewen center
3000 rpm spindle

400 Y Integrex with Live Tooling – 3 Units
Max. Swing: 24.01
Spindle Motor: 40 HP
Tool Mag. Storage: 40 ATC
Rotary Tool Motor: 20 HP
Y-Axis Stroke: +/- 4.13
X-Axis Stroke: 22.83
Z-Axis Stroke: 43.11