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The company was founded in 1947 by Irwin Auman, with his wife Betty by his side; it was a true partnership. Irwin built the business by meeting his customer’s challenges.  He developed a keen skill for machining castings; specifically alloy steel castings, such as the ones used on the M60 Tank.  To meet all of the requirements on this project, the company set up painting facilities as well as became certified welding.  For over thirty years, he met the monthly challenges of producing up to 120 sets of louver castings, fully machined and painted.  This amounted to as many as 14,000 machined castings per year being shipped to Chrysler’s tank plant.  At the same time, he developed his own design of Trepan tools that were used in the production of alloy valves and the tools were also used to make gear blanks for helicopter drive trains.  Having started in his father-in-law’s garage, he reached an employee level of 50 people working around the clock to meet his customer’s needs.

In 1972, Irwin’s son Timothy came to work at the family business.  Timothy displayed a strong desire to learn the business from the ground up.  He worked after school, during his summer vacations and came to work full-time in the summer of 1974.  Four years later he received his machinist papers.

In the late 70’s the tank and other defense parts had become unneeded so the base of new work came from a local railroad component manufacturer, Keystone Railway.  Their products fit onto the company’s existing stable of machine.  Adding to this resurgence was work from BMY (now BAE).  These timely orders finally put the company in a position, in 1985, to purchase an H-22 CNC Horizontal Machining Center.  After the initial CNC machine acquisition in 1985, to present the company has nine (9) additional CNC Horizontal Mills.  In addition to the mills, six (6) CNC Turning Centers, two (2) large CNC Vertical Turning lathes and a large boring mill that can handle parts greater than 100” long.  To compliment this stable of equipment, three (3) DEA fully programmable CMM’s were added. Air conditioning was added to machine close tolerance parts.

In April 1986 an agreement of sale was reached between Irwin and Timothy.  At the age of 29, Timothy became the second generation owner of the company; with the goal of future generations perpetuating the business. 

In 1996, the company was successful in machining close tolerance large compressor housings. Due to this success the company was invited to engineer the machining process that would be used in the future generation screw compressors for commercial air conditioning. The company has since machined over 80,000 rotor case compressor housings and 80,000 discharge case housings. The company’s ability to adapt to the demands of each of its customers is one more reason for their success.

To maintain continuity of the corporate culture they have developed the following core values –

#1           Give the customer what they want when they want it!

#2           A customer in need is a customer indeed!

#3           We make it easier and more pleasant to buy from us then our customers own divisions!

               *Our customers would rather assemble our machined parts than their own factories parts.

#4           We want to do for our customers what other vendors do not want to do!

               *Makes us a SOLUTION provider

#5           “It can’t be done” does NOT exist at I. Auman Machine!

#6           We make good parts first, then good parts fast!

#7           Perpetuate the business!

In 2006, the company acquired an 80,000 square foot facility located in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. The space was turned into a state of the art manufacturing facility which includes 60,000 square feet of climate controlled manufacturing space and a separate Quality Control room with an individual HVAC system. The facility also includes another 20,000 square foot space that can be used as storage, manufacturing, or assembly space. 


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