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Vertical Turning CNC Equipment


Hankook VTl with live tooling, Model VTC-160E

This is our largest VTL, 78.74” swing capability.  55” under the rail and a ram travel of 32”. 12 turning and 12 live tools are in the tool carousel.



Hankook VTL with Live Tooling, Model: VTC-125

VTL to compliment our other identical Hankook VTL. This VTL has the same specifications including living tools and a 65″ swing capability. Please refer to our downloadable facilities list to see all specifications. Pictured is a part turned from a solid piece of steel.



Hankook VTL with Live Tooling, Model: VTC125

Our first live tool VTL has been a valuable addition to our capabilities. With up to a 65″ swing and live tools, we are able to better accommodate our growing customer base.

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